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Eternal DarknessEdit

2001's Eternal Darkness is a text-based multiplayer MUD that allows for multiplaying (up to 3 chars at once per player) and unlimited levels with the option to remort (pay 500million coins to go back from level 176 to 1 keeping all skills/spells you gained previously, as well as gaining damage boost, mitigation and go up a Dragon/Titan/Phoenix Level)

It is based around a very interesting sphere system which combines your race, guild, and god spheres to determing what you can learn and how good you can get at it. Guilds are not what they are on other MUDs, they are in fact an expansion on classes. Each of the four classes ( Magic-user, Cleric, Warrior, and Thief ) has between 3 and 8 Guilds associated with it. For example, the Bladesinger guild is available to the warrior class. As is the Paladin guild. Ninjas and Kindreds (a vampire basically) for Thief; Channeller, Enchanter, Summoner for Magic-user; and Healer & Druid for Clerics. This unique combination makes the game very enjoyable; especially since every time you remort you get to choose a new race, class, guild, and god. So eventually you can learn every skill and spell in the game!

Address: Port: 9700


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