Bladesingers are graceful warriors whose skill with the sword is unequaled. Due to their skill bladesingers receive many blade skills used both offensively and defensively. The Guild Hall of bladesingers is located within the Warrior Halls of Guild Row.

Their skill is unparalled in the use of the blade, it is known that they may be able to use a certain skill to instantly kill opponents that is not available to other guilds in combat. In addition to this they possess superior blocking and attack using the blade (slash type).

  • Incredible bonus to blade barrier when using a slashing weapon
  • Extra attacks when using a slashing weapon
  • Can use death dance while in combat

Gods: Allana, Cyris, Eyrithina, Gaea, Granduar, Hamran, Morthorian, Orien, Orthang, Therak, Tigress, Zephyr

Races: Dark Elf, Half Elf, Half Orc, High Elf, Human, TriKreen