Gods: Cyris, Elena, Gaea, Gorthank, Granduar, Hamran, Helsang, Morthorian, Orianna, Orien, Orig, Serena, Sythrina, Telgrath, Therak, Tigress, Zephyr

Guilds: Assassin, Gladiator, Berserker, Monk, Druid, War Priest, Healer, Enchanter

Size: 2 (Dwarves are small and fairly restricted in what they can wear)

Dwarves makes good warriors and average thieves and clerics.

Bludgeoning 20%

Combat Reflexes 1%

Crushing 20%

Enhanced Hp 1 1%

Enhanced Hp 2 1%

Infravision 100%

Slashing 10%

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