ED has a forger system. On many mobs in the game you will find components on them which seems useless. However these items are not useless. If given in the right combination and the right order a forger will give you back something that is useful.


White Gold Boots: Moogle Pelt, Otter Pelt, Holy Water Flask, Gold Ingot, Platinum Ingot @ Lens

Robe of Whirlpools: Sapphire, Flask, Emerald, Silver Ingot @ Lens

Prismatic Gauntlets: Sapphire, Flask, Emerald, Diamond, Ruby @ Lens

Snowy White Trousers: Holy Water Flask, Silver Ingot, Platinum Ingot, Moogle Pelt, Otter Pelt @ Lens


(These items are all small items mostly for gnomes, pixies, and dwarves)

Gothic Shield: Metallic Plate, Mountain Lodestone @ Middy Armorer

Devout Robe: Holy Cross, Water Lodestone @ Middy Armorer

Intrepid Leggings: Metallic Plate, Water Lode, Air Lode @ Middy Armorer

Ebony Neckguard: Neck Brace, Mountain Lodestone @ Middy Armorer

Royal Cloak: Royal Fabric, Mountain Lode, Air Lode @ Middy Armorer

Royal Sleeves: Royal Fabric, Mountain Lode, Water Lode @ Middy Armorer

Royal Leggings: Royal Fabric, Air Lode, Water Lode @ Middy Armorer

Diamond Tiara: Gold Band, Air Lodestong @ Middy Armorer

Balg Plate: Metallic Plate, Air Lode, Mountian Lode @ Middy Armorer

Crystal Dirk: Thin Blade, Air Lodestone @ Elven Forest

Abjure Orb: Air Soul, Holy Cross @ Vorgan

Bracelet of Brilliance: Gold Band, Mountain Soul, Air Soul @ Water Jewler

Rainbow Ring: Gold Band, Water Soulstone, Air Soulstone @ Water Jewler

Earrings of Indominability: Brass Knuckles, Mountain Soul, Water Soul @ Water Jeweler


Black Diamond Earring: nexus jewel, Firinsend eye, claw @ water jeweler

Fire Diamond Ring: nexus jewel, Firinsend eye, tooth @ water jeweler

Blue Diamond Platemail: nexus jewel, Firinsend eye, scale, wing @ Ghost Armorer

Green Diamond Wings: nexus jewel, Firinsend eye, claw, wing @ Olympus

Black Diamond Axe: nexus jewel, Firinsend eye, tooth, claw, wing, & scales @ Mahntor