Gods: Allana, Cyris, Gaea, Hamran, Lyrena, Orig, Samrik, Serena, Sythrina, Zephyr

Guilds: Hunter, Channeller, Enchanter

Size: 1 (Pixies are very small, and the most restricted in what they can wear)

Pixies makes excellent mages.

Charm 1%

Color Spray 100% (Pixies start with a lvl 60ish direct damage spell at 100% at level 1)

Detect Invis 100%

Dodge 50% (Pixie dodge bonus helps make up for the gear you can't wear)

Enhanced Mana 1 1%

Enhanced Mana 2 1% (Pixies start off gaining lots of mana)

Fairy Fire 100%

Fairy Fog 100%

Ignite Fire 1%

Infravision 100%

Magic Missile 100%

Piercing 1%

Sense Life 100%

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